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المنسوجات / كتان المنزل

مصدر من بياضات السرير والحمام والمطبخ والمائدة للمستخدمين التجاريين

نقدم لكم المنسوجات المنزلية المشهود لها دوليا والمصنوعة من أجود المواد من قبل أمهر الحرفيين. لمدة 10 سنوات ، تخصصنا في تصنيع وتصدير مجموعة متنوعة من

المنسوجات المنزلية لعدة معروفة

تجار التجزئة الدوليين.


Wholesale Bath Towel Supplier in India

نحن لسنا خبراء صناعة النسيج القدامى. لقد بدأنا هذه الشركة لأننا مثل العديد من الشركات ، أردنا مكانًا لشراء ملاءات جميلة ومريحة يبعث على السخرية بالجملة لا تكلف ذراعًا وساقًا إضافيين. 

نهجنا بسيط: الجودة هي أهم شيء. المنتجات تحتاج فقط إلى أن تكون رائعة. ثانيًا ، نحن نصنع بمسؤولية باستخدام مواد عالية الجودة. وأخيرًا ، نبذل قصارى جهدنا لتقديم المنتجات بأسعار يمكن الوصول إليها متجاوزة جميع التكاليف الزائدة التي لا تؤثر على الجودة.

Our Products


Manufacturing, packaging and exporting towels from India 

The journey of a beautiful linen begins in the fields as the farm labourers skilfully tease the cotton off the plant with unrelenting precision.

Our connected harvest-to-hotel ethos means that we weave great relationships and ethical practice through every link of our supply chain, always placing an emphasis the quality and cost competitiveness of our towels.

Shop for your Hotel / Business

at Wholesale

Shop for your Hotel / Business

at Wholesale

We aren’t old textile industry experts. We started this company 'cause just like many companies, we wanted a place to buy beautiful and ridiculously comfortable sheets in wholesale that didn’t cost an extra arm and a leg. 

Our approach is simple: Quality is the most important thing. The products just need to be awesome. Second, we manufacture responsibly with top quality materials. And finally, try our best to offer products at accessible prices bypassing all excess costs that have no bearing on quality.

Choose Based on Weight

Fabric weight is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. This number refers to the density of the towel, with GSM varying between 400 to 900 for bath towels. The GSM typically indicates how absorbent the towel will be, with the heavier towels being the most absorbent.

Size Guide

Common Towel Sizes and Types

We offer towels and bath linens in a wide variety of sizes to fit your space, budget, and personal preference. Explore these common towel types, see the dimensions, and learn what each is used for most.

Are you an Interior Designer? Do you own a hotel, inn, bed and breakfast, lodge or rental unit? Are you decorating a corporate apartment or getaway? Looking for gifts for your employees? Ordering for a school, hospital, residential facility or non-profit organization? Are you a trader or a retailer? We would love to help!

Interior Designers, hospitality professionals, importers and many others have found high-quality, cost-efficient solutions to their requirement for towels. Reach out to us with your query. Our corporate representatives are ready to assist you.

Whatsapp: +91 96388 94036 (English, Hindi)


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Let us know your requirements.

We will be happy to:
– Share quotes
– Discuss market outlooks
– Advice you on the investment options
– Give more information about our company

We typically reply within a few hours!

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