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About Us

Globalisation has become THE catchphrase when discussing economic growth over the last decade. However, an increasingly interconnected world does not necessarily guarantee seamless sourcing of products from a cost efficient markets overseas. In fact, it has brought with itself a plethora of challenges and problems. Here's where we come in.



A Guiding Light

A family owned group of businesses, we started out in international trading more than 7 years ago and gradually expanded our operations and trade network from India to UAE, Egypt and eventually to Eastern Europe and West Africa.

However, as many of these markets opened the door of free trade, we noticed just how much international companies struggled to import products from the right suppliers in emerging markets.

We founded Tizara Group in response to this inefficiency. To help guide businesses to source products from new emerging markets in Asia.

We commit to a strong dedication towards industry standards with relation to quality of finished product, production methodology, innovation, time performance, safety and client relationship.

Generating value and growth in harmony with the territory of operation and surrounding communities is a fundamental objective for the Tizara Group, who has always endeavoured to promote and ensure the excellence and uniqueness of its value chain. Over the years the Group has successfully launched, thanks moreover to the involvement of and critical collaboration with its suppliers, a series of initiatives aimed at promoting continuous improvement of the supply chain, on the one hand, and of all the offices, exporting staffs, and self-owned operational warehousing premises, on the other.


Our Businesses


Under this sector we are fueling high-fashion brands all over the globe with unrivalled quality textiles across the garment value chain. From innovative yarns to sustainable fabrics, our experienced artisans take pride in every thread, twist, yarn, and stitch.


We are aiming to build a connection between Indian marginal farmers and quality-seeking customers all over the world through our flagship brand Tizara Agro. Our constant dedication to ethics and honesty has earned us a worldwide following of devoted clients, many of whom have been purchasing from us for over 5 years.


We have successfully established ourselves as one of the most prominent wholesale shrimp exporters in India. Our growth has been propelled by the consistent quality of our shrimps, quality packaging and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of high-quality shrimps available with us for export only.


Tizara Group is a coalition of export oriented companies with a strategic approach to international trade as best demonstrated by our responsiveness to cultural needs and cost efficiency.

Innovation is promoted to benefit trade outcomes with respect to time performance, quality and budget.

01. Innovation

Performance does not come by itself, rather by the process of prudent planning, execution of tested methods, understanding of materials and proficient people.

03. Performance

Quality distinguishes and is the essence of Tizara Group. Quality is the signature of our work.

05. Quality

Trust is derived as a core value imperative to all aspects of Tizara Group culture.

02. Trust

Discernment of staff, onsite personnel and timely supplier assessment ensures that our culture of fairness, quality and approachability is preserved.

04. People

True to our core principles, integrity ensures lasting amicable relationships and quality outcomes.

06. Integrity

Our approach is to integrate sustainability criteria into the company’s strategic decisions and choices, while expanding or enhancing its product offerings with innovative products yet without compromising the creative process undergirding its production.

The pathway to sustainability.

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