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From the subcontinent of India

Coffee Beans Bulk Supplier in Oman

Bringing the rich and complex flavors of India's finest coffee beans to Oman.

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From India to Oman: Exporter of High-quality Coffee Beans

As one of the leading green coffee beans exporters from India, with year-round presence in origin, we serve sustainable and traceable coffee that supports producers and delights coffee lovers around the world, every day.


Single Origin Coffee Beans in Wholesale for Oman

Tizara Group is a direct-trade house of Indian coffee. We produce and source Arabica and Robusta coffee directly from estates in Coffee growing regions in India and export it across the globe.

We connect different areas of the coffee supply chain, while making sure that the grower gets the best price for their coffee. We are proud of our transparency (supply chain) and ethics (fair prices), and focus on sustainable (shade grown) Indian coffee growers.

Coffee treated with care

Sourcing, packaging and exporting coffee from India to Oman


Each type of coffee we offer is a new single origin and tasted at least 50 times by our experts before it is exported to you.


In-house, certified graders taste over 1000 coffees yearly from around the region, and choose up to 70 of the most expressive coffees to be exported to Oman.


Our coffee is roasted regularly to export orders in small batches (70 kilograms max) and shipped to you directly from roastery.


We source from producers whom we have long-lasting relationships with and worked with for over 5 years on average to ensure high traceability.

Bringing the Mystics of Indian Coffee Beans to Oman

It is said that many hands bring coffee from harvest to roaster, and this is true. But we think of the many faces that help us supply roasters with exceptional single origin coffee because our business is built as much on relationships as it is on the experience we bring to those relationships, experience from every aspect of the coffee industry.


Our Coffee Traditions

Indian coffee's unique processing and roasting techniques, along with its diverse geography and shade-grown cultivation, contribute to its distinct flavor profile and sustainable production methods, setting it apart from other coffee origins.


Shade Grown

All coffee in India is grown in two tiers of shade, fostering an ecosystem of flora and fauna that enriches the soil and the beans.

Hand Picked

The coffee beans are hand picked and sorted without the use of machinery, ensuring the beans are picked at the peak of flavor.

Sun Dried

The sorted and pulped coffee beans are then dried on patios lined with brick, stone, or concrete, enhancing the flavor in the beans.

Robusta Coffee Grades 

Arabica Coffee Grades 

Our Robusta coffee is special due to its strong, bold flavor profile and high caffeine content, making it a popular choice for espresso blends and instant coffee. We can export the below grades of best quality Robusta coffee beans to Oman.

Our Arabica coffee is known for its unique flavor profile, characterized by notes of chocolate, spice, and nutty undertones, due to the combination of high altitude, shade-grown cultivation, and the processing of monsooning. We are can export the below grades of best quality Arabica coffee beans.


Meet your match: Visit our specialty coffee center

Business should be conducted for the benefit of everyone involved, from farmer to roaster. Quality not only drives growth, but positive economic change for coffee growers and their communities. Connecting great coffee roasters with great coffee producers is an investment in the future of coffee. Environmental sustainability and economic sustainability go hand in hand.

On our website you’ll find our single origin specialty green coffee beans available in different grade. Please get in touch if you need further information regarding the region, pricing, processing method, and certifications. Come visit us today!

Talk to our team

Whether you’re interested in speaking to our country management team, enquiring about one of our products or partnering with us, we want to hear from you.

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