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Denim Fabric Supplier in India

We are leading exporter of wholesale high grade denim fabrics. Offering a wide spectrum of fashionable denim with sophisticated look, fine finish, alluring design and elegant pattern.

What started off as a hard-wearing blue coloured cotton twill fabric, used primarily to make trousers, shirts and overalls for workmen, has now evolved into a statement in both utility and fashion. A truly ‘democratic’ fabric, denim is used across all economic strata in urban and rural areas.

We promote the inherent beauty of denim.

Today's sophisticated washings palette represents a full life-story, from raw, unwashed denim through deep indigo dyed to extreme bleached, with treatments adding multiple gradations of wear to create distinctive, textured garments with soul.

A breathable, comfortable, durable, fashionable and versatile fabric, denim is hardly ever likely to lose popularity or go out of fashion. With increasing acceptance as workwear all over the globe, the way forward is innovation in the manufacture and use of the fabric.

Our Denim Fabric Specifications

We have marked an impressive presence in the international market by offering a wide spectrum of fashionable denim. With the help of R&D and various market input, we continue to innovate and develop new fabric compositions for the market.

Request a swatch as per your requirement specification

Denim is ageless. Denim has no gender.
Denim is the best answer.

A truly democratic fabric, Denim, ain't ever likely to lose its charm. But Denim is denim, right? There's a lot to consider before selecting the right denim fabric for your next sewing project.

What's the weight? What's the width? How much will be the shrinkage? And best of all, what type of denim fabric will go with your project the best, and least likely to have any issues down the line?

To help with these questions better, we've spent a lot of time with some of the India's very best denim manufacturers, and we have all kinds of denim fabrics to choose from, in a broad range of weights, widths, compositions and shades.

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