What started off as a hard-wearing blue coloured cotton twill fabric, used primarily to make trousers, shirts and overalls for workmen, has now evolved into a statement in both utility and fashion. A truly ‘democratic’ fabric, denim is used across all economic strata in urban and rural areas.


Rhuma Textile is the front runner of fashion. We have marked an impressive presence in the international market by offering a wide spectrum of fashionable denim. With the help of R&D and various market input, we continue to innovate and develop new products for the market.

Denim fabric exporter in India

Basic Indigo Blue Denims

OE X OE from 6.5 oz. to 14.75 oz./sp. yd.

Overall rigid widths range from 56” to 66”


Normal Indigo Blue, Super Dark Indigo Blue, Blue, Black (IBST/SBIT), Black, Sulphar colors available as well.

Flat Finish Denim

These mercerized denims are available in both rigid and stretch from 4 oz. to 13 oz.

Widths in rigid range from 59” to 65”.

Widths in range from 43” to 63”.

High Fashion Denims

Special blends are available along with rayon, Viscose and Lyocell. Power Stretch denim available up to 70% stretchability with controlled shrinkage. Knitted & Dobbies are available for sampling in cotton/spandex and cotton/poly/spandex for both categories.

Bi-stretch is now available as a new offering in response to the market trend. Functional denims are also available such as water retardant, fire retardant, etc. maintaining international standards.

Stretch Denim

Comfort stretch, super stretch and power stretch denims are available. Cotton/spandex and poly/cotton/spandex including Jevish Overseas’s proprietary “Dual Core HP-500” stretches that have low growth and excellent recovery in weights ranging from 5 oz. to 13 oz.


Width in stretch ranges from 45“ to 64”.

Ring Denims

RS X OE & RS X RS from 7oz. to 14 oz.

Width in rigid from 59” to 65”

Shirting Denims

100% cotton, Cotton/Poly, and Cotton/Tancel products ranging from 3.75 oz. to 5.5 oz.

Width range from 58” to 65”

Satin Denims

Stretch satin denim from 7 oz. to 12 oz. are available. Poly/cotton/spandex and cotton/spandex options are available.

Width in stretch ranges from 49” to 65“.

LYCRA Denims

Rhuma Textile provides high quality durable denim materials. Keeping in tune with the modern trends, our textiles now come equipped with LYCRA dualFX technology, which allows tight fit jeans to adapt to different body types and postures by flexing dual-core yarns. This patented technology from INVISTA helps decrease the wear of the denim material by flexing under extreme stretch or strains.

Other Denims

Ecru Denims, Overdyed denim, Tinted Denim, Coated Denim, Blended Denim, and various other specialty and fancy Denim are available. Also, unlimited developments are possible in denim as per customers* requirements.


We promote the inherent beauty of denim by creating fabrics that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities. Today's sophisticated washings palette represents a full life-story, from raw, unwashed denim through deep indigo dyed to extreme bleached, with treatments adding multiple gradations of wear to create distinctive, textured garments with soul.


*Denim is the way of life.

A breathable, comfortable, durable, fashionable and versatile fabric, denim is hardly ever likely to lose popularity or go out of fashion. With increasing acceptance as workwear all over the globe, the way forward is innovation in the manufacture and use of the fabric.

How do we bring creativity, sustainability, and performance for Denim beyond Denim?

The places, projects and teams that make the most innovative denim design possible. Explore Rhuma Textile' Services to unearth the endless possibilities of denim.